Eco Process

● Coal Gasification system

Instead of burning oil or coal to generate heat, Sunny implanted Coal Gasification system in 2008. This system generates gas by smuggling coal; without the actual flame, there’s zero exhaust air emission throughout the process. The generated gas will be burned in the boiler for heat generating, higher energy output efficiency compared with oil burning and coal burning method.



● Bio waste water treatment system

In 2011, renewing on site wasted water treatment system by adapting the latest biochemical technology, effectively dissolving the contaminants in dyestuff with microorganisms. Our ultimate goal is to meet the local regulated domestic waste water emission standard internally.



● Energy recycling system

4 sets of heat recycling/ exchange systems are installed in stenters and Continuous desizing machines to recycle the heat energy from the heated wasted water and heated exhaust air.It reduces approx. 40 tons of coal consumption monthly and approximately 30% of water and heat energy usage are reduced.


● ISO 50001 energy management system

Installed electricity usage tracking/ management system. The electricity consumption of each on site machinery is tracked for future energy management purpose.  


● Carbon emission tracking

In-house total CO2 emission amount is 30,798 tons in 2014, which 20% decreased from 2011.


● Sludge dehydrator

Dyeing and Finishing industry will produce waste water. Through bio waste water treatment system, the sewage is resolved into discharge water and content 85% to 90% water of sludge.

In 2015 Sunny Special installed sludge dehydrator, by waste heat to dry sludge; the water content of sludge will reduce fewer than 40%. Decrease the volume of waste, and enhance the efficiency of cleaning. Benefit environment and mill.

汙泥乾燥機2 汙泥乾燥機1


● Off-gas filter

The heat of dyeing procedure will cause lampblack. These waste through off gas filter by washing and static cleaning could remove volatile chemical gas and particulate pollutant to exhaust safety and pollution-free gas.