Three things you need to know about
flame resistant fabric


The FR protection of inherent flame resistant fabric can never be washed out and can’t be compromised even after laundering 100 times. When exposed to flames, the fabric has no melting or dripping appearance, it swells and becomes thicker, forming an intact protective barrier between heat source and human skin.


Flame resistant fabrics have multiple protections in hazardous working environments including flash fire(FR), arc flash(AR), welding, liquid chemicals and molten metal splash.


By adopting natural fibre with excellent moisture wicking, the fabric has a soft touch, stay dry functionality as well as even lighter weight offering breathability without decreasing FR protection.


Flash fire is always a great threat for workers working in the hazardous environment. ASTM F1930 manikin test conducted by AITEX, independent test institute, can ensure wearer having good protection when the garment is exposed to flash fire.

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